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Our resident coding wizards make our websites, microsites, emails, and other campaign pages fast and interactive so users are compelled to stay longer, leaving you more opportunity to influence. Our capabilities include completely redoing your website using Growth-Driven Design or traditional website redesign processes, custom-coding apps and APIs, and creating interactive webpages and emails.

  • Website Development and App Creation

    Our team of developers produce websites, microsites, and specialty apps through traditional development practices as well as Growth-Driven Design. These front- and back-end experts work closely with the design and content teams to produce visually appealing and user friendly websites that visitors want to interact with.

  • Website Hosting, Maintenance, and Security

    Our MarTech team handles all aspects of ongoing hosting, maintenance, and security of our clients’ websites including CMS and plugin updates and patches, unmetered training and support, hosting platform setup and maintenance, fully supported cloud containers, nightly snapshots of website, SSL certificate monitoring and more.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    As the Google algorithm changes and people change the way they search, staying on top of SEO best practices and implementing them as part of your site becomes a full-time job. With our SEO packages, you get a dedicated expert as part of your Madden team to take stock of your current situation and make recommendations and updates.

  • Email Marketing

    We manage the entire process of email marketing for you with our in-house team. From creating strategic drip campaigns, custom-designed and -written email templates, A/B testing, sending, and measuring the performance of the emails—we do it all. Our email campaigns reach more inboxes and deliver strong calls-to- action that align with your objectives, such as visiting your website, downloading a visitors guide, or checking out your event calendar.

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  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing

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