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Marketing Technology is the foundation of promoting a destination. Madden’s iterative Marketing-Driven Website approach ensures destinations deliver an inspiring user experience that engages audiences. We do this by testing, optimizing, and continuously improving destination websites over time rather than following traditional development models. In addition to our website expertise, Madden offers forward-thinking email marketing solutions, search engine optimization, and extensive destination intelligence to fulfill our partners’ MarTech needs.

  • Marketing-Driven Websites

    We use an Agile process to build and continue improving websites. Destination websites should not be published like a book, but continuously grow and change after launching. Madden modified the tech industry’s Growth-Driven Design approach to meet the needs of destinations. We test hypotheses and make optimizations rather than simply maintaining sites until it’s time for another rebuild. Over time, this provides stronger ROI and a better experience for users.

  • Open Source Approach

    Madden subscribes to an open source platform approach with a microservices backbone. Many website companies use a proprietary platform to develop websites, but Madden believes in providing flexibility and full ownership of sites to our partners. Your website should be YOUR website.

  • Data Intelligence & Research

    Creating a marketing strategy without data is the recipe for a wasted budget. Madden’s Voyage+ Destination Intelligence dashboards provide insights and data related to marketing performance, hotels and lodging, competitive intelligence, economic, civic, and government, as well as conventions, groups, and events. Voyage+ is an affordable solution that enables enhanced situational awareness and evolved KPIs.

  • Email Marketing

    Beyond creating and delivering emails to partners and consumers, Madden creates strategies for email marketing. We help our partners boost open rates, A/B test all email content for best results, and pare down subscription lists to eliminate unengaged leads for better overall performance, Our experts create detailed, automated drip campaigns that nurture and inspire your leads.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Need to improve organic traffic to your site? SEO is a marathon rather than a sprint—it’s important to constantly monitor your performance and make strategic changes. Madden’s experts use a variety of tools to audit your website, create an action plan, and even implement changes on your site. Our SEO experts monitor performance and deliver easy-to-understand reports that can be shared with stakeholders as needed.

Atlanta CVB — Website

This innovative website build used Natural Language Processing to better serve personalized content to users based on their interests. New visual assets focused on showcasing the diverse and inclusive community in Atlanta. The site combines leisure and meeting planning into a single, user-friendly site that encourages exploration of new inspirational content. View the full case study

Visit Buffalo Niagara — Website

Using a modern Growth-Driven Design methodology, Madden has iteratively improved to become more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. Each improvement made to the site is driven by data—we test each change and make adjustments to encourage peak performance.

Visit Lubbock — Website

A modern metro Texas city needs a fun, fresh, and clean website to match—we did just that for Visit Lubbock. The site features a curated user experience and allows visitors to select their interests and see custom, personalized home page content. Whether the user is looking for leisure travel or planning a meeting, group tour, or sports event, it’s easy to find the most relevant information.

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