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Conventions and meetings are big business for destinations

So how do you land the big gigs?

Let’s start with the basics: does your destination have the facilities to host conventions like trade shows and conferences? If your answer is no—skip down to the next paragraph. If your answer is yes—high-five! Your destination is well equipped for event planners looking for the ideal place to book their event. A comprehensive marketing campaign, using platforms like LinkedIn to reach professionals and tactics like storytelling to share firsthand experiences while highlighting the technical aspects of your hosting capabilities, offer an innovative way for interested parties to get inspired. Keep the information dynamic, and make sure to sell yourself beyond the venue. Your unique amenities and attractions may make the difference on whether an event planner selects your destination over another.

Keep the information dynamic and make sure to sell yourself beyond the venue.

Most destinations aren’t equipped with grand convention centers or sprawling resorts, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to entice meeting planners with the venues you DO have. Meetings like off-site company gatherings or group events have the ability to bring serious dollars to your destination. Upgrading your search engine marketing efforts ensures meeting planners searching for the perfect venue find you for all the right reasons at the exact right time. LinkedIn and Facebook ads with professional targeting can also be great tactics in this space. Always make sure to have dedicated pages on your website for this specific audience with clear calls-to-action.

Take action to land the big gigs now.