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Creating buzz for your brand with influencers

The Power of Influencers continues to grow.

The Power of Influencers continues to grow—so how will you utilize that power in your digital marketing campaign?

Showcase your destination

What makes your destination unique? Maybe you have quirky shops and cafés, the coolest craft breweries around, farm-to-table dining, or scenic hiking trails. Those special things that make your destination stand out from the rest will entice travelers to visit. Consumers trust influencers to share their authentic experiences, so what better way is there to show off your destination’s hidden gems than by partnering with them to tell your story?

Connect with your target audience

Just like you’re building your brand, influencers are hard at work building theirs. If you want to reach couples looking for a romantic getaway, foodies looking for a culinary adventure, or millennials looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience you should partner with an influencer who embodies a similar lifestyle. Influencers are everyday people who create a relatable rapport with their followers. Bridging a relationship with your ideal audience is easier with the help of an influencer—in fact, 92%of consumers turn to influencers for recommendations over celebrity endorsements or advertisements, according to MuseFind.

Keep visitors coming back

Consider inviting an influencer to check out a new ride at a theme park, an anticipated museum exhibit, or a recently renovated attraction. The experience the influencer shares with their audience—whether followers have been to your destination before or not—will inspire travelers and give them another reason to visit. Talking about the latest and greatest offerings can spark interest in learning more about what makes your destination the perfect setting for the Best. Vacation. Ever.

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