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Have you got what it takes to be a Content Master?

Every destination has a story and no doubt, you want to tell yours. The last thing you want your visitors doing is wading through a sea of content, searching for the stories that best resonate with them. You want to entice, inspire, and exhilarate travelers at just the right time with the right type of content. Fear not, we’ve got your back. Let’s walk through the traveler journey together, as we conduct a symphony of storytelling.

Have you got what it takes to be a content master

Stage 1: Inspiration

Experiential stories plant the seed of inspiration in travelers’ minds. Whether or not someone has seriously considered a trip to your destination before or even visited in the past, sparking interest is the first step in the traveler journey. We like to capitalize on the power of your Visitor Guide and expand its content online with more stories and videos to develop brand voice and introduce your destination as a great place to stay and play.

Bonus Stage: Connect with audiences through images and perspectives from influencers who add authenticity to elements of your campaign.

Stage 2: Researching

Learning about what a destination has to offer follows the initial inspiration. Your Visitor Guide’s feature stories can be brought to life online. Repurposing editorial and maps and adding complementary video and interactive elements to the content allows travelers to dive deeper into all your destination has to offer.

Stage 3: Dreaming

At this stage the intent to travel grows and you can nurture that feeling with immersive content. User-Generated Content filling your gallery board, delivering in-depth videos, and interactive elements allow for more engagement. Brand intrigue increases at this stage enticing travelers to be a part of the experiences they are seeing on screen.

Stage 4: Imagining

At this point, travelers may know cool things about your destination, but now they need to imagine what they would do if they were actually there. Itinerary-focused content creates opportunities to envision their trip and helps travelers develop specific trip outlines. Personalization and atmosphere are key elements with each piece of content at this stage. Don’t be afraid to get personal!

Stage 5: Planning

Say it with us—listicles! Also known as list-format articles, listicles count down items such as the top things-to-do and see in a short, easily digestible presentation. Deciding to take action is when planning starts and this stage is all about conversion. The fun design of each planning piece of content, whether it’s video, infographic, Facebook Canvas Ad, or influencer photo gallery, draws travelers in and gets them ready to choose the locations to experience during their visit.

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