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Improving Resident Sentiment Through Regenerative Tourism

How Port A Shares the “Salty Stories” of Its Community For Positive Visitation & Growth

Port Aransas, Texas wasn’t always a tourist destination. Longtime residents of the island remember its early days fondly as a sleepy fishing village and quiet seaside port. Following decades of growth, “Port A” has become a hip escape for both Texans and national travelers. And while the destination continues to grow and invite new visitors daily, many of the original residents of the community remain. 

Port A has been the focus of many family traditions for generations, and these traditions, families, and stories, are what keep the island connected with new visitors. In an effort to further capture the essence of the community, encourage responsible tourism, and highlight what makes the destination so unique, Port A partnered with Madden to deliver the local Salty Stories series. 

Improving Resident Sentiment Through Regenerative Tourism


As the world continues to change, and with it, the nature of travel, destinations are increasingly seeking ways to thoughtfully engage stakeholders and visitors alike. As Port A grows as a tourist destination, the community identified an increasing need for sustainable tourism and effective ways to encourage visitors to help keep Port A clean and welcoming. Salty Stories was the solution.

Through videos and podcasts, Port A shared authentic and humanizing stories about the island. These stories create a personal connection between visitors and the community, which in turn, leads to increased bookings and stewardship from travelers.


Port A is more than a beach destination. It’s a town filled with talented makers, which carries a unique culture all its own. By highlighting the characters behind local experiences and their love for their seaside town, we were able to introduce viewers to a Port A they never knew existed. Video assets, augmented by audio, visual, written, and paid media efforts demonstrated that “this isn’t a place to swing through or take for granted — it’s a place people cherish.” 

The beauty was in every detail. With the use of high-speed, high-resolution videography, Madden captured every speck of sawdust, glisten of the hard candy, and bubble in browning garlic butter, casting an effortlessly cool and authentic light on Port Aransas’ talented locals. The relaxed aesthetic portrayed in the videos carried over onto the landing page, and subsequent paid marketing efforts like Google Responsive Display ads and Facebook remarketing efforts.

The use of the local vernacular “Salty” helps bring visitors into the fold to strengthen the draw of the local culture, allowing Port A to stand out among other surface-level, get-in-get-out beach destinations. 

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