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Social Media best practices: Twitter

You know you should be posting to Twitter, but are you doing it correctly? For all those aspiring social media gurus out there, here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your Twitter presence.

Your page

Keep it simple. Complicated handles can keep people from tagging you in their posts. Why make it hard for them to help you get your message out? Keep your handle simple.

Clean up your bio. Does your bio reflect who you are as a DMO? It should. The bio is one of the first things a follower will see on your page.

Best practices for Twitter

Best practices

All the posts. Twitter moves quickly, so it’s important that you stay on top of what is happening. Post several times a day when you first start up your profile to keep interest up. Don’t let your page become static.

Retweet and reply. Keep the conversation going by retweeting travelers’ posts, glowing feedback, or relevant articles that align with your brand. When users post on your page, direct message you, or mention your handle in their tweet, reply as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that social media is a venue of customer service.

Measure your efforts. Take a look at your analytics regularly to gauge how your page is performing and see where you can make improvements. If you see that you’re adding or losing followers based on certain strategies or that some tweets are getting more traction that others, adjust your plans accordingly to get the optimal return.

What should go into a post?

Keep it short. Even with Twitter’s recent increase to 280 characters, most Twitter enthusiasts are keeping it short and sweet. Focus on communicating one message rather than trying to say it all. You can always include a link to your website if you have more to say. Make the link shorter by using a URL shortener, like

Use visuals. Images and video in tweets lead to higher engagements. You can add up to four images, so go ahead, post a bunch!

Host a poll. Want more engagement? Having a poll is a great way to get followers involved. Twitter users love a good poll.

Soft sell. Passion Digital recommends that 80% of your posts be conversational, while 20% be promotional. Constantly trying to sell your destination can feel spammy to users. Give them content that they will want to engage with. These interactions will get them even more interested in your brand, so when they do see a post about converting, they’ll consider it even more.

On trend.  Another way to get noticed is to look out for events and people that are trending. If relevant to your page, find an organic way to work the hashtag into your post.

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