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The Importance of SEO

SEO is a crucial element of successful marketing campaigns. Madden’s experts want to share what you can do to keep your website optimized for good Search Engine Optimization.

Why Focus on SEO Now?

SEO is more critical to destination website success following the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on, many people were confined to their homes and searching for things to do and places to travel once restrictions lifted. As people start feeling safe to travel again, you want your website to appear in searches. This will help you connect your brand to audiences interested in travel.

Protecting your current SEO status and preventing it from slipping now will help you recover in the future. Madden is here to help. We have SEO experts that are ready to ensure your site remains as visible as possible for those with travel intent. Our team is always happy to provide strategies and advice that can help your website stay high in search results.

SEO is an Always-On Tactic

Remember that your site needs to remain SEO-optimized in order to be seen by visitors. It is much more difficult to regain lost rankings than to maintain and improve current rankings over time. Beyond this, there are additional items that can occur with a suspended SEO campaign, such as:

Bringing it All Together

Travel has been and continues to be one of the first industries affected by unprecedented national and world-wide events. However, we firmly believe that tourism will be one of the first industries to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. People will be more eager than ever to get out of the house once again when it is safe to do so. Using strong SEO tactics to be there for them with strong search results will translate to a quicker recovery for your destination.

In closing, we know that saying you have a lot on your plate right now is an understatement. We want to help make you aware of how you can best be prepared for recovery through positive planning and prevention. Stay positive, keep your websites visible in front of audiences worldwide, and remember that we will come out of this stronger as an industry.

Interested in learning even more about how you can protect, plan, and subsequently recover from the current COVID-19 environment? We’ve developed a COVID-19 Marketing Preparation Guide for you and your partners.

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