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The Messages of Compassion, Unity, and Hope in Trying Times

The following blog was written as part of our COVID-19 resource guide.

In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to navigate appropriate communication and messaging to clients and consumers. A sense of compassion, unity, and hope can go a long way in hard times. In the travel industry, we know how vital it is to convey these messages in ways that are understanding and supportive. As we navigate turbulent times, several destinations and companies are finding great ways to do just that.  

If you’re in need of inspiration, we’ve highlighted some key themes and phrases of such messaging.

Compassion and Unity 

Messages with a great deal of understanding and patience are currently being used by several large organizations, such as General Motors (Cadillac commercial).  The phrase “we’re all in this together” is an appealing personal message you can provide while business as usual is on pause. 

Hope and Looking Ahead

“We’re here for you when you’re ready” is an excellent way to inspire planning ahead. It’s likely a lot of people are daydreaming of their next vacation right now, and being a beacon of light could help lift their spirits.  The destination of Las Vegas has recently aired a spot with this messaging.  Grand Canyon West created an inspiring video with this type of messaging as well.

Presentness and Flexibility

The message of “we’re here for you, now” is also very prevalent with the current state of tourism and other businesses. Staying vigilant to do what you can, day-to-day, can not only build stronger ties with your clients and customers—but keep you first-in-mind when the storm has passed.  

For destinations, promoting the safest options available can be of great use to those looking for a simple getaway, if even just online. Some ideas are:

Being Helpful with Relevant Information and Awareness 

Ways to provide relevant information can help inform people of current conditions in your area.  Several destinations and companies have created dedicated landing pages, and crafted special emails, for this purpose. The message here is general and can cover updates, announcements, maps, press releases, or links from reliable sources such as the CDC and the U.S. Travel COVID-19 page.

With creative thinking and an emphasis on kindness and flexibility, a pause in business doesn’t have to mean “closed.” We hope you’ll find some of these ideas useful.  For more insight and information on getting through this time in our history, please see our helpful guide to Protect. Plan. Recover. 

If you have any more tips or ideas that you’re currently implementing and finding successful, feel free to drop us a line, and we might feature you on our Instagram page!

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