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What influences someone to relocate? Is it the job benefits? The salary? But those are only part of the reason. Professionals want to live in a place where they can explore, dine, and relax on their downtime and continue to be successful while on the clock. But it can be a challenge to encourage these professionals to consider relocating. People are always dreaming of the perfect job, but don’t always consider that the perfect job could be in a different city—or even a different state. By showing off the top quality-of-life reasons to live, work, and thrive, Madden Media is able to target professionals who are looking for a job and influence them as they consider moving. But how does it work? Take a peek below to see how Lubbock, Texas was successfully able to encourage IT professionals to relocate.

Case Study: Lubbock Economic Development Alliance

The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) partnered with Madden Media on a strategic digital campaign focused on growing Lubbock’s IT industry by recruiting IT professionals. They also sought to increase awareness of Lubbock’s competitive technical industry and excellent quality of life. After reviewing the city’s goals and determining the audience, Madden Media devised a plan and tactics to execute the campaign. The campaign utilized LinkedIn to target the most desirable audiences, specifically Texas Tech alumni and those educated in IT Engineering. LinkedIn Display Ads and InMail marketing were launched to generate visits to the Alliance’s microsite,, which featured IT job listings and quality of life comparisons between Lubbock and other major cities. Within a very short period, LEDA had already received more than 20 responses from IT professionals interested in being considered for job opportunities in the area.


LEDA’s campaign delivered more than 719,000 impressions and a total of 1,090 clicks to

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