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Discover Atlanta | SEO


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After Madden rebuilt, we implemented an SEO strategy to drive more traffic to their website while increasing engagement on the site. Our team worked closely with Discover Atlanta to create an aggressive content calendar, leading more storytelling content that aligned with keywords and user interest—significantly increasing organic sessions.


We began by conducting a large-scale content audit to identify content gaps and keyword research to ensure the highest performing content was featured prominently and plan new content to fill gaps. We also identified opportunities for new markets or new users by digging into Discover Atlanta’s Google Analytics, and conducted analyses of keywords, SEO, and competitor research to inform our website strategy.

We knew that travelers don’t use DMO websites to look through listings, so we created a content plan to pivot Discover Atlanta’s website from informational to inspirational content. We wrote stories tailored to resonate with our target audience’s travel intents and leveraged SEO keywords to attract organic web traffic.


The content calendar we created with led to a significant increase of 153.85% in organic traffic to the “Stories” section of These efforts, paired with our NLP capabilities, resulted in a 257% increase over site average for pages per session and a 279% increase over site average for session duration.

Discover Atlanta | SEO


Organic traffic on the site is up year-over-year, with sessions pacing almost 15% above 2021. saw 223,000 organic sessions in 2022, and increase from 194,000 in 2021.

Discover Atlanta | SEO