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Experience Columbia | Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Experience Columbia | Email Marketing


We worked with Experience Columbia, SC, to develop a powerful, cost-effective, and quality-first approach to an email marketing program.

The best email marketing program is one tailored to a DMO’s specific needs. The common thread that binds together all of Madden’s email marketing efforts isn’t a certain client budget or level of technical complexity, it’s a deep commitment to valuing quality over quantity.

Experience Columbia | Email Marketing


Experience Columbia wanting to use their email list to raise awareness of their destination, encourage attendance at their local events, sponsor partner content, and promote their visitor’s guide and social media presence. Our teams collaborate closely to produce a polished e-newsletter that highlights Experience Columbia’s unique appeal.

We worked together to develop their sender reputation, establish a monthly sending cadence, update their lead generation forms, and create a detailed content plan. We validate every email lead and maintain an automated reconfirmation system to ensure that cold leads are either reengaged or removed from future email sends.

Experience Columbia | Email Marketing


Our commitment to optimizing their database led to year-over-year decreases in overall email deliveries and open rate, but we increased their click-through rate (CTR) by 50% and drove more qualified leads to their website. Experience Columbia, SC, 9.2% CTR is well above industry average—evidence that the DMO is providing a better experience to its database.