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South Carolina's Hammock Coast | SEO

south Carolina’s Hammock Coast

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South Carolina's Hammock Coast | SEO

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South Carolina’s Hammock Coast launched their new site in 2020 and came to Madden with a challenge to raise awareness. South Carolina’s Hammock Coast isn’t a single destination, but a collection of towns and cities. As a service that helps search engines uncover content for users, SEO made sense as an investment for increasing brand awareness.


Madden’s SEO team started with a content audit of the website and checked the site’s health to fix issues that harm search engine rankings. The most important results were yielded by optimizing metadata (meta titles and descriptions) for pages on a monthly basis. We provided content recommendations as well, such as seasonal topics to focus on, as well as keywords they could target. Headers were added to pages missing them and the team provided a keyword map that allowed for a better understanding of how users were entering the site. The team provided recommendations for the homepage header structure also.


South Carolina's Hammock Coast | SEO


Once our initial site audits were completed, our team turned to content recommendations and target keywords. We moved through the site adding necessary headers and adjusting structure as needed.

South Carolina's Hammock Coast | SEO


From 2021 to 2022, South Carolina’s Hammock Coast website saw a 175% increase in organic traffic from 26k organic sessions annually, to over 73k organic sessions annually.