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Traverse City Tourism | Voyage

Traverse City Tourism

Custom Research Project

An interracial couple takes a selfie standing in front of a street mural in Traverse City, Michigan


Traverse City Tourism needed data ammunition to show local and state legislatures that there was a direct correlation between where they placed paid media and increases in overnight stays to short term rentals. Traverse City’s overall goal is to collect short term rental tax, which would signify a big increase for their overall operating budget. Working with Madden’s data analysis experts, Traverse City Tourism used Voyage’s geolocation data capabilities to analyze visitor traffic into highly saturated short term rental areas.

Traverse City Tourism | Voyage

Approach and Execution

Madden developed a Visitation Intelligence Report that looked at the top 20 markets Traverse City Tourism put paid media in. Then, we identified the top areas in Traverse City with short-term rental density and established geo-fencing around these points of interest, excluding hotels. We were then able to track the number of devices that originated from one of the top 20 origin markets and remained at one of our geo-fenced points of interest overnight. This data was then integrated and visualized in Voyage to analyze if there was a correlation between Traverse City’s advertising and an increase in overnight stays to the short term rental POIs.

The Traverse City Voyage dashboard on an iPad


Madden and Traverse City found a moderate to strong correlation between paid media impressions in Traverse City’s Top 20 markets and increases in overnight stays to short term rentals in Traverse City.