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Visit Buffalo Niagara | Voyage

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Visit Buffalo Niagara | Voyage
Visit Buffalo Niagara | Voyage

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The pandemic cut off visitations from Canadian travelers and meant that Toronto, one of Visit Buffalo Niagara’s top origin markets, would not contribute to the destination’s tourism. Working with Madden, Visit Buffalo Niagara set out to identify domestic opportunity markets to replace its lost international visitations.


Madden conducted an analysis of visitation data to identify the top domestic origin markets for Buffalo Niagara, including the average length of stay for travelers visiting from each. We then cross-referenced these origin markets with a list of the top markets for organic traffic to Using this data, we were able to identify markets that fit our criteria for opportunity markets:

  • high levels of organic web traffic
  • high average length of stay
  • low visitations

From this analysis we identified Detroit, MI and Atlanta, GA as two new target DMAs.

Visit Buffalo Niagara | Voyage

Using Voyage, Madden and Buffalo Niagara found two new target DMAs after losing Canadian travelers due to pandemic travel restrictions.