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Don’t be Left Behind—Content Hubs are the Future

Your shiny new visitors’ guide is hot off the presses and in the hands of readers… what next?

In the hope of further capturing readers, many choose to upload a direct virtual copy or “flipbook” meant to be read from cover to cover just like the print version. It sure looks pretty but it’s stagnant, not easily searchable, and difficult to share across web and social media platforms. At Madden, we think it just might be a thing of the past.

So how can Madden propel you into the future, increase reader engagement, and drive traffic between your guide and your website? With a Content Hub.

What is a Content Hub?

A Content Hub is an interactive, custom-designed version of your print guide that lives on your website. This responsive online companion includes features from the printed guide that are transformed to provide an immersive online experience we call Presentation Layers. The Content Hub carries the cohesive look and feel of your website while giving readers the power to click through and seamlessly interact with other pages of your website or even to advertisers’ sites–bringing your destination to life and highlighting glimpses into the adventure awaiting travelers.

How does it work?

In addition to your editorial features, Madden can produce digital-exclusive stories, which keep readers coming back to your site for more. These custom-written stories will springboard from your brand and voice and delve deeper to further connect people to your destination between publications. These inspiring stories can be updated throughout the year, providing fresh content that encourages new and returning visitors to explore your unique culture, aesthetic, and attractions while engaging with the brand.

With all these stories in one central location, site visitors are encouraged to navigate through the site and continue discovering more reasons to love your destination. 

Content Hubs increase traffic and time spent on your site, social sharing, and brand awareness to gain extra eyes through online distribution while providing an engaging experience for the reader. Plus, it makes your website look distinguished, modern, and all-around awesome.

Take a look at a couple of our favorite Content Hubs with the links below, and get in touch with our team today about building your own immersive online experience with Madden.

Step into the future with Madden!