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Does #DeleteFacebook matter for brands?

You may have seen #DeleteFacebook trending on social media recently and read headlines like “User data leaks at Facebook pull tech further into political debate” on or “WhatsApp Co-Founder, who made billions from Facebook, says it’s time to #DeleteFacebook” on, reminding us that data privacy is a huge concern for consumers online. Fueled by recent information that data firm Cambridge Analytica accessed and improperly stored information from millions of Facebook users, the world is reacting severely, causing a panic.

Here are the facts

The good news is the feature that allowed the level of data access is no longer on Facebook as of 2016. (Source: Facebook) Their attention to growing concerns confirms that the Facebook team is focused on security and protecting its users from future inappropriate data harvesting. This incident is not the first, nor will it be the last, and Madden is committed to keeping you apprised of any new developments and communicating opportunities for awareness.

What does this mean for marketers?

When these types of events occur, we typically see Facebook usage go down and users searching for ways to protect their data. Facebook will likely implement new privacy controls that effect what types of information are available to marketers and users may take this opportunity to utilize them. Although these controls can have an effect on available data, Facebook doesn’t only track people when they’re using the site, they also use third-party data to identify user likes and behaviors to help marketers connect with their desired audience. While most users won’t quit cold turkey, some will, and that creates concern for marketers who utilize Facebook’s extremely valuable user data to market their brand.

Does #DeleteFacebook matter for brands?

A multi-platform strategy can minimize the impact of negative feedback on one specific platform.

Marketers focused on single-platform engagement with Facebook will start to see drop-offs and campaigns will start to lose viability. A multi-platform strategy can minimize the impact of negative feedback on one specific platform. Engaging content that is crafted for specific niches helps audiences connect with a brand and deliver consistent return on investment, resonating with readers, and creating a loyal audience. Your brand should be delivered with a consistent focus on values and authenticity to create connections with your audience that want to develop a special bond with your brand over another.

Here at Madden, we know that components of a campaign fit together like pieces of a puzzle, building to create a comprehensive strategy that will deliver tangible ROI and contribute to the overall success of your brand marketing. Learn more about our drive to help our partners build the perfect campaign here: Building a Comprehensive Digital Campaign

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