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Modernize Your Research Strategy

Research is Essential

In today’s mobile age, market research has evolved from visitor intercept studies that only capture a small pool of consumers to GPS-based studies. This shift allows Destination Marketing Organizations to see actual travel patterns of consumers known to originate from outside your market. The research is less time- and resource-intensive and more nimble—we can slice and dice data to answer your burning questions effectively.

Understanding who your visitors are guides your marketing decisions—it’s crucial for DMOs to build campaigns based upon trusted data. Madden’s experience with providing reliable insights and information is extensive. Our team develops visitor profiles in partnership with UberMedia, a mobile location data aggregator, giving much deeper insights than can be achieved through standard intercept studies.

Our Approach

While there are many vendors in this market, we have found the data from UberMedia, when paired with our visualization and research tools, to be among the best value (one-third the cost of some other vendors). UberMedia is a mobile data analytics company providing location-based behavioral information and analytical insights. The company collects, prepares, and disseminates mobile consumer data focused on location and behavioral information.

Combining UberMedia’s research with Madden’s 35+ years of tourism industry experience helps you understand the source markets of people visiting your destination. This occurs by discovering visitors’ mobile device IDs—their cell phones—within a geofence of your destination. The created polygon is double-verified and is created based on visitors who are at least 50 miles away from your destination. Taking this strategy one step further, we compare those IDs to where the device regularly resides during their overnight hours to establish a Common Evening Location (CEL). From there, the zip codes attached to visitors’ mobile devices are analyzed to help us understand your source markets.

Some examples of reports that our team can provide to you with this data include:

Source Market Report:

Provides the Top Source Markets by Destination Marketing Area (DMA) as well as a heat map and spreadsheet of the compiled data.

Demographic Report:

Includes average age, ethnicity, income distribution, and education level. Graphs and spreadsheets for the time period are provided. If research continues, these deliverables can be compared by season or year-over-year.

Audience Affinity Report:

An analysis of your visitors’ interests and places them into audience categories based on retail location visits, app usage, interest indicators, and more. DMOs will receive a report that shows the count and percentage of visitors that fall into each of the 25 audience categories, as well as detailed explanations of each audience type.

Conference Center/Event Visitation Report:

Are your conference or major event attendees just going between the hotel and the location of your conference center or event? We provide research and analysis that show the paths your attendees travel. This data can be analyzed by conference, conference type, or overall convention center or event.

View Your Market Research Alongside Your Marketing Performance

Using Madden Voyage, our team can bring in the data from both your research and your marketing performance metrics. We can work to further integrate Google Analytics and marketing attribution tools to determine the impact of your marketing spend.

Would you like to know more about your visitors?