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What’s the deal with Search Engine Marketing?

Whats the deal with Search Engine Marketing.

Why your digital marketing campaign is incomplete without SEM

No doubt you’ve heard about Search Engine Marketing, but do you really know what makes it a foundational component of any digital marketing campaign?

SEM is one of the most effective platforms for tourism entities. It allows you to bid against other advertisers on keywords relevant to your destination and present your custom ads to users at the exact moment they’re searching those keywords on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. This proactive marketing maximizes value for your digital efforts by ensuring a greater share of relevant and interested searchers choose your website over a competitor’s. As travelers search for their next vacation destination, your content needs to be highly visible—SEM makes it happen.

Boom! Clicks + Engagement!

Active searchers that are driven to your site through pay-per-click SEM ads are considered highly qualified traffic, often yielding engagement rivaling organic search and performs better than other paid mediums. Your custom ads will show continuity by incorporating the theme of the keywords being searched and should include action-oriented messages to grab a searcher’s attention and encourage them to click-through. Keep in mind that with pay-per-click advertising, the search engines make their money when ads are clicked. This means that they want to show the ads that are being clicked most often and delivering a strong user experience. When you utilize strong calls-to-action and put yourself in the mindset of the user, your click-through rates will climb and users will be driven directly to the most appropriate content on your site. Boom! Clicks + Engagement!

SEM is an ideal component for strategic marketers, especially with a limited budget. Marketers are hard-pressed to find any option that delivers the level of return-on-investment (ROI) like SEM can, and you can’t start too soon. The power of an SEM campaign builds over time with strategic adjustments based on keywords, ad variations, and trends. It is also extremely effective if your site is lacking major SEO power. Organic strength is a big deal, but with ever changing Google & Bing ranking factors, your best shot to quickly leapfrog the competition is a well-executed SEM campaign. When you need highly qualified website traffic, engagement as strong as money can buy, and a provable return on your marketing dollars—choose tried and true SEM.

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