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Browser Privacy and Ad-Tech

As we look at the most recent changes to privacy settings and responsible marketing, we continue to see the ability for clients to succeed. While some third-party ad tech platforms are going to struggle, we see changes in privacy settings as a good thing for consumers. At Madden, we view this as a continued evolution of technology and marketing capabilities available for clients. Our experience shows that people prefer ads that are personalized to their needs and interests.

So what is the big news?

Google announced that effective May 14th, they will be joining Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox in helping consumers protect their privacy and avoid tracking. With Chrome comprising 63% market share and Safari and Firefox combining for an addition 20%, this adds up to now more than 80% of browsers that will actively inhibit the ability of cookie tracking.

Technology and regulations are going to continue to focus on user privacy and will continue to build from GDPR and beyond. Cookie-based advertising from third-party platforms has continued to be less effective for several years, and the performance generally is less effective than when operating on first-party advertising platforms like Google and Facebook.

Google’s latest Chrome changes may sound abstract to those of us who are on the ground doing digital ad work, but they will soon come to dominate our industry. If you work in display advertising at a brand and read the announcement, I’m sure you know at some point the dynamics of the ecosystem will change.

What does this mean for DMOs?

Working with first-party platforms will continue to offer the best ability to manage audiences, affinities, and capture consumers when they have an intent to travel. Our team will continue to work to ensure you have the highest quality audiences and get access to the latest tools. Some of this will be ensuring we have the basics, Analytics tied to your Ads accounts, tagging your accounts, and building custom audiences based on user behavior and intent. All of these digital tactics come with building optimization, performance, and conversion goals.

We are long past the time when we focused on maximizing reach; we know that providing effective messaging at a consumer’s point of curiosity and intent can influence their decisions. While the ad tech platforms continue to evolve, providing your future visitors with effective messaging will always trump the technology.

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