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Madden Launches Interplanetary Services to Support Visit Arrakis

Matt Ormsbee Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

Madden is excited to announce its newest destination marketing service that’s out of this world. Today marks the launch of our new interplanetary division, and our first day as the agency of record for our newest client, Visit Arrakis. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to help inspire travelers to reach for the stars,” said CEO Dan Janes. Imagine stepping foot on distant worlds, experiencing the wonders of the cosmos up close, and creating memories that are truly out of this world. Madden will work with interplanetary DMOs to encourage travelers to seek out those dreams and turn them into reality. 

With the growing space tourism industry, led by Space Adventures, SpaceX,  Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic, the outer reaches of our universe will soon be within leisure travelers’ reach. “Space tourism is a tremendous growth opportunity for Madden,” said Janes. “Travelers will have access to planets from across our galaxy and beyond for the first time in living memory, and it’s going to be vitally important for those planets to showcase the experiences that make their destination unique.” 

The first of those planets that Madden will be helping compel travelers to visit is Arrakis. “Working with Visit Arrakis, we will help their organization leverage the popularity of the Dune franchise to encourage visitors to explore a world unlike their own,” said Janes. Madden will help the DMO counter the destination’s perceived danger due to lack of water, wind storms, and high temperatures. “Arrakis has challenges, but so does every destination,” said Janes. While it will be important to educate consumers about safety, Madden will help Visit Arrakis craft immersive stories that showcase the planet’s key value propositions. “Nowhere else in the known universe can you take spice to go into a hallucinogenic precognitive state while riding a giant sandworm,” said Janes. “You want to talk about taking a trip? Now that’s a trip.” 

To service Visit Arrakis and lead the interplanetary division, Madden has created a new cross-functional agency team, and to align with the agency’s naming convention, bestowed upon it the name “Team Extraterrestrial.” Working with the brightest minds and utilizing cutting-edge technology, Team Extraterrestrial will work with interplanetary DMOs to promote awe-inspiring trips that respect our universal environment. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism ensures that we not only venture into space but also protect its beauty for future generations.

For those still grounded, Madden will continue to provide “out of this world” service and marketing efforts to grow tourism across our partners.

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