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Missed Connection?

Missed Connection

Get ‘em to give you another chance with remarketing!

Site visitors don’t always stay and play as long as we’d like or complete the action we want them to complete—how do you re-engage and extend the interaction? That’s where remarketing ads come in.

Track ‘em down

Display ads are utilized as a mid-funnel marketing strategy to reinforce brand identity, helping you encourage potential consumers to take steps toward conversion. With the ability to be geo-, demo-, contextually, or behaviorally targeted to your key audiences, smart marketers implement specific creative messaging to direct clicks to the corresponding page of interest on their site. But once you get them to click, how do you further encourage interaction, even if they clicked out of your page?

Bring ‘em back

By placing a remarketing tag on your website, you can remarket consumers who have been to your site but did not complete a specific action such as requesting information or contacting you. Using sophisticated targeting parameters, remarketing ads are served to these “window shoppers,” bringing them back to your site where they can complete a conversion activity. The coolest part is you can analyze your audience and target them based on their interest and interaction with your website. Talk about tailored messaging!

Appeal to ‘em

Segmenting your audience to create ads based on their interests seems like a no-brainer, but how do you break it down?

  1. Homepage visitors: focus on top-level imagery and branding to create awareness, eventually driving them to your optimized landing page.
  2. Specific page visitors: use creative specific to their interests on your page, enticing them to come back and learn more about the things they already have shown action toward.
  3. Visitors that downloaded information, like your Visitors Guide: develop their curiosity with additional content and relevant stories. Drive them closer to conversion with inspiration.

Fresh and exciting content will keep your brand top-of-mind with interested site visitors. Calls-to-action and offers can provide opportunities for interested viewers to click-through and be exposed to new and relevant information that they may have missed before.

Don’t overwhelm ‘em

Overexposing someone who has an interest in your destination can have the opposite effect, driving people away from your brand. You want to create an inspired action to visit, not an inspired action to change course. The highest click-through rate will occur when you’ve shown previous visitors your ad the appropriate amount of times, in the appropriate platforms. This can vary from campaign to campaign, so monitor results closely and “frequency cap” accordingly to ensure optimal results if you see performance start to wane.

Remarketing is a highly effective way to bring travelers closer to making their plans in your destination, when used strategically and appropriately.

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