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New Voyage Capabilities Unlock Visitor Spend and Event Measurement Insights

Voyage is Madden’s industry-leading, destination intelligence platform. Built with DMOs in mind, this tool enables partners to inform strategies, measure impact, and fulfill fiduciary responsibilities. 

Our goal with this tool is to serve our clients’ data needs. One of the biggest needs DMOs face is not having data that shows how tourism actively impacts  their destination.

Two added features in Voyage aim to obliterate this key challenge. These new capabilities unlock visitor spend and event measurement insights — strengthening Voyage’s status as the most powerful DMO data tool in the industry. 

Visitor Spend

DMOs are now able to track in-market visitor spending. Voyage gives users access to data sourced from over 3,000 financial institutions and over 100 million debit and credit cards. 

Our partners are now able to gain insights into visitor spending behaviors across merchant categories to see which attractions and businesses are generating the most tourism revenue. Voyage also enables DMOs to analyze spending trends between different demographic segments and combine visitor spending data with location data to enrich insights into origin market value. For example, a DMO could analyze which origin markets generate the longest length of stay and highest visitor spending, and then prioritize those markets in media targeting. 

Event Measurement

It’s well known that events bring with them an influx of visitors. However, there is more to learn. 

All these questions and more can now be answered through Voyage. 

DMOs can unlock event data that measures the impact of local events, such as festivals, concerts, sports, conferences, and more. Voyage users have the capability to:

Destination Intelligence Leadership

DMOs must provide a clear vision and goals for their destination. This is impossible to do without data-driven insights or the ability to prove out ROI with demonstrable results. Voyage gives DMOs the ability to do both, and when you pair the platform’s power with our team’s full-service destination marketing capabilities — you’re ready to put the ACTION into actionable data.

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