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Audio Advertising: Get in the Ear of Travelers

Streaming audio is experiencing a boom. According to a study by Edison Research and Triton Digital, users spent an average of over 16 hours a week listening to streaming audio — a 19 percent increase from three years ago. That same study showed 62 percent of the United States’ population had listened to online audio that week — a nine percent increase from three years ago. There is a prime opportunity for audio advertising.

Key players in the travel industry are demonstrating they understand the value of audio advertising. Tripadvisor recently partnered with Audible — giving Tripadvisor Plus members access to Audible’s audio originals, audiobooks, and podcasts. 

As the popularity of on-demand audio grows, destinations should take advantage of this channel to connect with their target audiences. Here’s how our media experts recommend deploying audio advertising through audio streaming platforms to amplify your brand message. 

Use Geo-Targeting

The audio streaming advertising environment allows destinations to target users based on where they are listening. DMOs should take advantage by deploying audio advertising in key origin or conquesting markets. You can segment targeting even further, deploying ads to users based on when and where they are listening, such as a morning commute or in the gym. 

Target Traveler Intents

Destinations have unique assets, such as culinary, outdoor recreation, sports, history, and more. Travelers have matching interests and choose their vacation destination based on what they enjoy doing. DMOs should develop intent-based target audiences, defined by why people should travel to their community, and then advertise on podcasts that discuss topics that align with their intent-based audiences’ interests.

Borrow Reputability  

Numerous thought leaders and celebrities have started podcasting over the past few years. These individuals have a loyal following of listeners who trust their judgment and give weight to their endorsements. DMOs can borrow this reputation and have hosts read ads organically — providing an authentic recommendation, vital in the travel industry. 

Message Pull-Through

Online web browsers have ad-blocking extensions, which make digital display and traditional ads easily overlooked or ignored. Advertising on audio streaming services guarantees your brand messaging will be heard as streaming services don’t allow users to skip pre-roll ads. 

Creative Ads

Some audio streaming platforms have complementary voice-over services that allow DMOs without audio recording equipment or voice-over talent to easily extend their advertising into the audio space — opening new doors in messaging, music, and concepts.

Niche Targeting

Some platforms enable destinations to target devices based on their browsing history, physical location, and how users are listening. This creates opportunities for DMOs to target users that have recently visited a competitor’s website, are listening in their car, and at the office or in the gym with unique messaging for each scenario.

Numerous Touchpoints

Streaming platforms intersect multiple times with users’ daily routines, whether on mobile devices, tablets, TVs, cars, or gaming devices. Audio advertising provides numerous opportunities to get your message in front of target audiences. 

Audio Advertising, Part of an Integrated Strategy

Advertising on streaming audio platforms is only part of a truly integrated marketing strategy. Your website must have landing pages that listeners will be directed to based on their interests. It would be best to have digital marketing tactics in place to remarketing users who have been served your audio ads. Audio advertising is an important component, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Madden specializes in putting all these pieces together and developing omnichannel media plans as part of integrated marketing campaigns. We’re standing by to bring your destination’s experiential marketing to life and fold it into your larger campaigns.

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