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Introducing Madden’s DMO Tourism Industry Media Benchmarks

Heather Molina Senior Director of Strategic Insights

In the dynamic world of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), understanding the performance of your media campaigns relative to industry-specific benchmarks can be the difference between a good strategy and a great one. That’s why we at Madden are thrilled to announce the launch of our DMO Tourism Industry Media Benchmarks.

Tailored Insights for DMOs

For years, DMOs have had to rely on broad industry benchmarks that often lumped them together with airlines, hotels, and other conversion-focused brands. While useful, these general benchmarks could not fully encapsulate the unique challenges and objectives faced by DMOs. Recognizing this gap, our data team has dedicated themselves to developing a solution tailored specifically to the needs of the DMO space.

What’s New with Our Benchmarks?

Our new benchmarks are not just numbers—they are insights derived from meticulous analysis and tailored specifically for DMOs. Reflecting data from the past quarter, these benchmarks provide a clear, up-to-date snapshot of what’s working in the DMO space and how your campaigns compare.

Platform TacticCTR
Google Display0.86%
Google Performance Max8.33%
Google Video (YouTube)53.64% View Rate
Meta Prospecting (CTS)1.49%
Meta Remarketing1.56%
Meta Video0.75%

It is critical to keep in mind, with any digital channel campaigns, that continuous monitoring and regular optimizations are key to performance. Even then, additional competitors trying to capture the same audience as a DMO can impact outcomes. As performance results are just one part of a larger picture, media managers/agency partners should provide context  to what they are seeing as they carry out digital campaigns.  

Quarterly Updates for Fresh Insights

The tourism industry is as seasonal as it is dynamic. Recognizing this, we commit to updating our benchmarks on a quarterly basis. This ensures that our benchmarks remain relevant and reflective of current trends, allowing DMOs to stay ahead in their strategic planning and execution.

Why This Matters

In the world of marketing, knowledge is power. For DMOs, having access to precise, industry-specific benchmarks means being able to set realistic goals, measure success more accurately, and identify areas for improvement. It’s about moving beyond the “one-size-fits-all” approach and embracing a more tailored strategy that recognizes the unique value and challenges of promoting destinations.

Looking Forward

As we roll out our DMO Tourism Industry Media Benchmarks, we invite all DMO professionals to explore these new tools. We believe that by providing DMO-specific benchmarks, we can help elevate the entire tourism industry, fostering more targeted, effective, and successful marketing strategies.

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