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Voyage: What’s New in 2022

We’re such big data nerds, we built our own destination intelligence platform. Last year, Voyage helped over 40 destinations across the country lead their destination marketing efforts with data-driven insights and easy to access reporting. We are not content to stop there, and continue to ensure Voyage remains the top destination intelligence platform for DMOs.

Voyage provides DMOs (and our team) with location and visitation data, competitor insights, hotel and lodging data, marketing reports, and economic data in easy-to-understand dashboards — informing every element of their marketing strategy. The improvements didn’t stop there though. Here’s what’s new in Voyage in 2022. 

Resident vs. Non-Resident Comparison

Voyage features state-of-the-art location data capabilities, giving destinations the ability to track the number of people in their destination, how many people are visiting points of interest, and the origin market of those individuals. 

We enhanced this capability to give Voyage users the ability to segment location data into residents and non-residents. With this information, DMOs can identify what points of interest are most trafficked by non-residents. This reveals insights into usage that help DMOs better understand the value of tourism, and which areas of their destination are most vulnerable to over-tourism—or most dependent on visitors.

Visitor Spending

Voyage’s visitation data expands this year to include visitor spending. Now, DMOs will be able to better understand visitor spending in their destination to make smarter marketing decisions.

What is a DMO’s purpose when driving more visitors isn’t its goal? With the new visitor spending capability in Voyage, DMOs can identify which origin markets bring the most valuable visitors into the community and focus advertising efforts on those markets. 

Enhanced Competitive Media Insights

Voyage’s industry-leading competitive intelligence only continues to improve. This year brings enhanced capabilities that add more channel tracking to the platform’s capabilities. Users will now be able to see estimates on campaign spending for competitor destinations on Connected TV and streaming platforms, as well as view their advertisements on those channels. These capabilities are in addition to Voyage’s established Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube tracking abilities. Destinations are continually pressured to not cede ground to competitor destinations. With Voyage’s enhanced competitive media insights, DMOs can now expand the line of sight they have into their competitors’ media buying. This gives DMOs an informed opportunity to counter. 

But Wait, There’s More…

In addition to these advanced capabilities, we have also made changes to the user interface and functionality. We are always striving to improve user experience and make our platform as accessible as possible to users of all backgrounds and data science literacy. 

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